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Pierre le Riche | Interview

Pierre le Riche | Interview

Why did you choose the installation as an expressive medium?

I do not always immediately aim to express my ideas in the form of an installation. Sometimes 2D works well, but what I do enjoy and appreciate about using installations as creative medium is that it gives me the option activate the senses and involve the viewer more.

The Rainbow room

The Rainbow room by Pierre le Riche, 2012, Cape Town, photo from

Where do you get the inspiration for the creation of your installations ?

Inspiration is a difficult thing to pinpoint, but it is never from a single origin. I normally spend months and months observing and making sketches until the final design is ready. This is quite a natural process for me and is never forced, but I think a deadline does speed it up!


Nwtwn by Pierre le Riche, 2014, part of Fresh Produce at the Turbine Art Fair ’14, photo from

Is there an artist who has inspired you ?

What is your favorite art work ?

Who is your favorite artist?

Currently I am studying Ai Weiwei’s furniture pieces (Table wit two legs, corner tables, stools) for a new body of work for my Master of Fine Art. Other than that I really adore Do Huh Suh’s works, particularly his ‘Home within a home’ series.

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