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Penique Productions | Interview

Penique Productions | Interview

Why did you choose the installation as an expressive medium? 

Well, we met at the Fine Arts curse at Universitat de Barcelona. We are both specialized in sculpture so… from the beginning we were interested in the 3D expression. In my case I decided to do sculpture because it was the medium that allowed me to do more thing, I mean, if I work with sculpture I can paint on it, draw on it, take pictures and add it on it, engraving it, so,… in my mind it was the technique with wider choices than the other practices. An installation is the next step, more options, you don’t even need the object.

A Piscina do Parque Lage Rio de Janeiro, 2015, Brasil, photo from

A Piscina do Parque Lage, 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, photo from

Where do you get the inspiration for the creation of your installations ? 

The inspiration of our installations come from the same place where the other inspiration comes. It’s true that, in our case  because we studied art, we meet a lot of artist’s work that come along across our lives and remains somewhere. I think that it is important to know what happens around, especially to know how the tools you get. Anyway, the first installation that we made, at the University in 2007, was projected to lock the classroom space so that no one could get in it to deliver his own project.

Is there an artist who has inspired you ? 

There are a lot of artists that we like, but our favorite ones, I think I can speak for both of us, are Christo and Jeanne-Claude, they are the number one! They are really inspiring.

Espaço 180, 2013,  Lisbon, Portugal, photo from

Espaço 180, 2013,
Lisbon, Portugal, photo from

What is your favorite art work ?

 Tomás Saraceno’s work: On Space Time Foam. We know this work only through photos but we love it. On the other hand, this question does not have an answer. Ask me tomorrow, I will tell you my favorite art work.

La Capella, 2009, Piera, Spain, photo from

La Capella, 2009,
Piera, Spain, photo from

Who is your favorite artist?

Today, my favorite artist is not an artist. Do you know Enric Duran? Well, he does not call himself artist but, he is.

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