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Installation for Carriero Foundation

Installation for Carriero Foundation

Experimentation, passion and new projects. These are the features which distinguish Carriero Foundation that was founded in 2014 by Giorgio Carriero,a businessman and an art collector.

casa parravicini

Casa Parravicini, Carriero Foundation, Milan, photo from

This year Carriero Foundation will present a new exhibition, imaginarii (16.09 – 13.12.2015), in Casa Parravicini, an old private building in Milan. The artists selected for this exhibition are: Gianni Colombo, Giorgio Griffa and Davide Balula.

imaginarii investigates on the relation between art work and environment and between environment and the city identity. The most important piece, in this case, is the Gianni Colombo’s art work: Spazio elastico, ambiente (1967-1968).

This environment is characterized by elastic fluorescent cords which are moved by a motor as it was an organism. Spazio elastico will be presented in an unusual space, a room with frescoes of the Seventeenth Century.

Spazio elastico, ambiente

Spazio elastico, ambiente, by Gianni Colombo, 1967, photo from

Spazio elastico was presented for the first time during Trigon 67, in Graz, and it was awarded in 1968 during the XXXVI Venice Biennial. The choice of Gianni Colombo’s work is very important for three reasons: the relation between old and modern art work (Spazio Elastico and the frescoes), the relation between art work and the city, and the relation between Gianni Colombo (Milanese artist) and Milan.

A fascinating exhibit that Milan cannot miss!

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