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Francesca Leone | Interview

Francesca Leone | Interview

Why did you choose the installation as an expressive medium?

The installation was the only means possible to reproduce my idea: a real street composed by grating and covered by garbage on which it is possible to walk as we do everyday without stopping and look. Placing it inside the museum forced the visitors to ponder and observe. I think that this aim was achieved considering the big interest of both public and critic.

Where do you get the inspiration for the creation of your installations ?

The inspiration came from the observation of the daily urban reality. We are so focused on our lives that we barely notice where we walk and where our waste go, especially the less evident ones as cigarette butts, paper packets, the small objects that represent the trace of our transit, and our presence, even if unintentional. This is not only a work about our waste but it is a tale about stories of true life with a double level of lecture, a superficial level where recent waste are entrapped into the grating and a deep level where there are the objects from the past as old coins, forgotten brands and old keys. For this reason it is a work about the memory and it is a result of a long work which lasted one year with the collection of more than 5000 cigarette butts and 10.000 pieces as plastic and other objects.

Our trash by Francesca Leone, photo from

Our trash by Francesca Leone, Triennale di Milano, Milan, photo from

Our Trash by Francesca Leone, photo from

Our Trash by Francesca Leone, Triennale di Milano, Milan,  photo from

 Is there an artist who has inspired you ?

There is not an artist who has inspired me. The inspiration came from observing reality and the current topic of the ambient decay caused by our garbage this theme affects us all because everyday we live the impact of the garbage and it does not involve only the inhalation of air but also the food we eat and the climate that is changing.

What is your favorite art work?

I do not have a favorite art work but there are art works in front of which you remain silent, stunned by artist’s depth of thought or by the perfection of the procedure chosen to realize it. For this reason I cannot choose a single art work because each period (classic, modern and contemporary art) had its own masterpieces.

Our Trash by Francesca Leone, photo from

Our Trash by Francesca Leone, Triennale di Milano, Milan, photo from

Who is your favorite artist?

This is another question which is difficult to answer to. During my studies, I have been influenced by Michelangelo and the Boccioni futurism. Another important artist for me is Burri, the most important representative of the Arte Povera, who left a mark on the history of the contemporary art. Beyond the Italian art I have been influenced by the American abstract expressionism of Pollock and by the anguished figures of Francis Bacon. I have many favorite artists each of them has contributed to my formation and thanks to them I am the person that I am.

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