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Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro is known for immersive large-scale installations. His works are inspired by music, literature, science and the world around him for references and reflections. In his works he also uses tricks of the light. CD Sea (2004) (video:  is an incredible and romantic work. He installed 600.000 used CD on an Australian field. The final effect is beautiful, especially at dusk. Another important work is Star Turn (2011). For this work he used different media as geodesic dome, acrylic, steel, light sources (LED and tea lights) and an old bicycle. The design is also an exploration of our cultural obsession with celebrity. In the big geodesic dome there is the bicycle. Visitors, pedaling on bicycle, activate a light mechanism with candles’ swing.

CD Sea

CD Sea by Bruce Munro, photo from